Naturesense Sinus & Hay Fever Relief


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Active Ingredients: Contains equal parts of Allium cepa 3C; Euphrasia 3C; Hydrastis 3C; Kali bich 30C; Phleum pratense 15C; Sabadilla 30C;  Silicea 3C.

Indications: Catarrhal allergic reactions causing watery or thick profuse white/ yellow/green discharges from eyes and nose; sore itchy inflamed eyes; conjunctivitis; loss of smell or taste due to allergy or infection; painful sinusitis.

Dosage instructions: Adults: Place 10 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily until relief of symptoms. If acute pain, take every 15 minutes until relief.

Children: 2-12 years 5 drops.

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