Naturesense Hernia/ Varicose Vein /Haemorrhoid Relief


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Active Ingredients: Contains equal parts of Aesculus hip 3C; Calc fluor 3C; Collinsonia 3C; Hamamelis 3C; Millefolium 3C; Nit acid 6C; Paeonia 3C; Podophyllum 6C; Sulphur 6C.

Indications: Astringent; tissue strengthening; anti-inflammatory. Works quite quickly in most cases of bleeding, swollen and painful haemorrhoids. Varicosed veins are often genetic and may take longer to see improvement. Prevents hernias from becoming chronic.

Dosage instructions: For relief of hernias and varicosed veins take 3 times daily. For acute painful and bleeding haemorrhoids take every 1-2 hours until relief of symptoms.

Adults: place 12 drops under the tongue. Children: 2-12 years 6 drops. Infants 0-2 years 3 drops.

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