Naturesense Eustachian Tube Blockage


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Active Ingredients: Contains equal parts of Hepar sulph 3C; Kali mur 3C; Kali sulph 3C; Silica 3C.

Indications: Thins, disperses and drains fluid or mucus from the tube. Effective in preventing abscess formation in children. Sinus and hay fever related congestion, particularly in children whereby the tubes are quite small and may easily become blocked. May help in unblocking glue ear (fluid in the middle ear). May help in cases of excessive ear wax.

Dosage instructions: Adults: place 12 drops under the tongue every half to 1 hour for acute congestion. As improvement sets in reduce to 3-4 times a day until relief of symptoms.

Children: 2-12 years 6 drops. Infants 0-2 years 3 drops.

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