Bake Better Supplementary Powder 250g

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Gut-Feeling is a natural plant based hemp protein prebiotic powder packed with fibre.

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A natural, plant-based baking supplement that’s good for your gut.  Made in Australia from cold-pressed, Australian-grown hemp and flax seeds, Bake-better is full of protein, dietary fibre, omega 3 and works like a prebiotic; delivering full antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Add it to your favourite recipes for increased energy, and improved digestion and mood. Bake-Better may also reduce anxiety, enhance immune function and improve skin, hair, muscle and heart health.

From cakes, muffins, biscuits, bread and health snacks to sausage rolls, pasta and meat dishes, Bake-Better will increase the nutrition in each recipe.  Bake-Better is all natural, non-GMO, vegan-friendly and contains only three plant-based ingredients.

Bake-Better is a world first – providing that extra boost in nutrition to your baking – containing superfoods hemp and flax. Bake-Better is the perfect way to add fibre, protein and omega 3 supplements to your diet and improve your health. 

250g, 8 serves

Ingredients: Waltanna Farms hemp trier (pure hemp protein and hemp broũTM and flax flour).

Hemp broũ – Registered Trademark of MJ & BA Nagorcka Pty Ltd.

For best results, substitute 2 tablespoons of Bake-Better per 1 cup of general all-purpose flour.

For children or people with digestive disorders we recommend half dose (1 scoop, 15g) to start with.

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