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More Information on Prill Beads

A book was written about Prill Water and Jim Carter titled: “Holy Water, Sacred Oil” — by Norman Shealy.

Excerpts from the book are presented as follows:
Notes from a conversation with Jim Carter

Prill Water and Magic Water: Prill Water is a stage of water before it becomes Magic Water. Prill Water has some of the electricity taken out of it, and Magic Water has all of the electricity taken out of it by the cold fusion method.
The Prill Water has a smaller molecule than regular water. It is heavier and has different characteristics.
When you keep replacing the electricity with the Life/Love Force, the electricity disappears. The molecule changes shape and collapses. It becomes an atomic LIQUID . This is Magic Water. It is a shape-shifter.
It has new characteristics. It has returned to the Primal Form of water, the first water of Genesis. Magic Water is magic because it can be DIRECTED  in the body to be anything the body needs; solid or liquid.
Audience comments: Now I understand this much better. In light of the knowledge of the seven seals and duality not being above visible light (third seal), this is fourth seal energy (no electricity = no polarity). Thus it can shape-shift, like a Shaman/Master who is at least on the fourth level of consciousness. Now I have a better awareness of how this is immortal material to build the immortal body.
Audience: My concern is for the very scientifically minded group she is working with. I’m sure Jim will be the one to help her and her group with this. Jim Carter said that there are no current science BOOKS  or proof of this theory. After all, cold fusion is a fairly new technology and a suppressed one, too, as it is so powerful to change our world in so many ways.

Testing with Prognos

Prognos, Soviet analysis and treatment machine based on Oriental Medicine, helped keep Cosmonauts healthy in space for 420 days. As their space program became virtually defunct, rights to the machine were sold, and the machine is now available worldwide. Programs are computerized and include meridian health, psychological analysis, and color therapy. This machine scientifically proves the existence of ACUPUNCTURE  meridians and clearly demonstrates the body’s reactions to stressful foods, medicines, and even thoughts. Prognos is simple, easy to use, and can be learned by anyone in a very short period of time. The machine is now being demonstrated in the US and is now available for purchase.
PROGNOS Report: Prill Water by Twilight (11/11/01), Thomas Narvaez
Prior to drinking water (0744):
Left Stomach Meridian blocked to 12200 K-W
Right Spleen Meridian blocked to 9600 K-W
Right kidney Meridian blocked to 8200 K-W
Right Pericardium Meridian blocked to 7200 K-W
Post drinking Prill Water (0754)
All blocked Meridians balanced.
Left Liver Meridian blocked to 640 K-W
Demonstrating that toxins filled the Meridian organs.
PROGNOS Report: Magic Oil bath by Twilight (11/13/01), Thomas Narvaez
Prior to bath
1/2 oz of Magic Oil added to bath. Soaked for 20 minutes.
Left lung Meridian blocked to 825 Prognos reading
Right Lower Intestine Meridian blocked to 790 Prognos reading
Left Heart Meridian blocked go 825 Prognos reading
Post bath
All Meridians above 870 Prognos reading.
Conclusion: Both Twilight PRODUCTS TESTED  showed significant improvement in the Meridian system of one individual. Additional testing of a larger population would provide conclusive scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these products.
PROGNOS Report: Magic Oil bath by Twilight (12/10/01), Thomas Narvaez
Prior to bath
1/2 oz of Magic Oil added to bath. Soaked for 20 minutes.
Left and right spleen meridians balanced, bladder meridian balanced.
PROGNOS Report: Cupcake in biofield (12/10/01), Thomas Narvaez
Prior to measurement
Cupcake held around neck in biofield for 40 minutes.
No significant changes in meridian readings.


  1. Did you fax or SEND  someway this Jim Carter?
    I gave Jim Carter the original Prognos readouts and will give him the additional ones plus interpretations this Sunday.
  2. Do I read this correctly that everything helped with meridian balance except the cupcake around the neck?
    Yes. I still have much to look at, for example, the different magic waters from Twilight, cupcake, etc.
  3. Have you tested Magic Water made by the cupcake in this way?
    Not yet, but soon. See you Sunday! Will you be videotaping it again? My friend, Ruth Walker will be taping it on cassettes. I will be videotaping it, but will only release the audio on it unless I get some technical improvements on my system (which I really can’t afford.)

According to Dr. Norman Shealy, every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and low levels of the hormone DHEA. If DHEA is low, magnesium is low. They go together. Even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease and a 36% decrease in mortality: from all causes. The human being has the only body that has a significant level of DHEA. It is striking that low levels of both DHEA and magnesium characterize most illnesses. A connection between these essential chemicals appears to be basic in the understanding of health, wellness and the restoring and maintaining of youth. Low levels of DHEA are found in WOMEN  up to nine years BEFORE development of breast cancer. And men may have low DHEA levels for four or more years prior to development of PROSTATE CANCER . There is a long list of DHEA/magnesium deficiency symptoms. They are anxiety, hyperactivity, confusion, depression, diarrhea or constipation, faintness, fatigue, hyperventilation, lack of coordination, insomnia, intestinal problems, muscle cramps, muscle tightness, pain, poor memory, seizures, tinnitus and vertigo; and these are just some of the symptoms! Major diseases associated with DHEA/ magnesium deficiency are: angina pectoris, arrhythmia, asthma, atherosclerosis, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), auricular fibrillation, bulimia, cancer, cardiomyopathy, chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, depression, diabetes, emphysema, gall bladder infections and stones, hearing loss, heart attack, high cholesterol, hypertension, hypoglycemia, chronic infection (viral and bacterial) intermittent claudication (leg calf pain), kidney stones, migraine, mitral-valve prolapse, osteoporosis, panic attacks, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), benign prostate hypertrophy, and strokes.

In no illness is DHEA /magnesium deficiency more prevalent than myocardial infarction (acute heart attack). On average, heart attack patients immediately given magnesium intravenously have a 50% greater survival rate. It has also been shown that mothers who are given magnesium intravenous feedings just before giving birth are much less likely to have children who develop cerebral palsy. When DHEA is raised, testosterone levels are raised. This raises libido in women and women. DHEA is a major reflector of overall health and stress reserves. DHEA is the health and youth hormone.